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Eye Conditions and Travel Plans: What You Should Know

Many of us are planning our spring and summer vacations, and this could include flying to a faraway island or just across the country to visit relatives. In preparation, consider your vision care, what you should take with you, what might prevent you from getting on a plane, and what common eye issues you might encounter. Eye conditions and travel plans: what you should know.

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Do Eye Floaters Ever Go Away?

If you have never had those squiggly lines or cobwebs in your vision, just wait. The majority of adults will eventually develop them. At first all you want to do is push them out of your vision. You may think there is something like a bug in front of your eyes that you can squat away. Alas, they remain. They are called floaters, and they can be pretty annoying. Do eye floaters ever go away? The answer is not very encouraging, but at least they aren’t dangerous.

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