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Preparing For Retina Surgery Recovery

All patients preparing for surgery have plenty of questions about the surgery itself and what they can expect during the recovery period. Preparing for retina surgery recovery is no different and is probably even more consequential than some other surgeries. Let’s go through the important facts you will need to know.

Eye procedure room.

Plan Ahead

Once Retina Specialists of Tampa has informed you of how long your recovery will be, you can begin to make plans. Some retina surgeries only require a day or two to recover, while others can take weeks. If your recovery time is weeks, it can be helpful to prepare some meals and freeze them for later. That way all you, or a friend, need to do is simply heat the meal up.

Think about all the things you will need at home during recovery. Be sure you have enough groceries and all the staples to keep you hydrated and to get sufficient nutrition as your eyes heal.

Talk with your employer about how much time you will need to stay home and recover.

Most importantly, find out if you will need someone with you 24/7 and for how long.

Know Your Restrictions

There may be certain activities to avoid during this time. Retina Specialists of Tampa will list everything you should abstain from, like driving for a certain period of time. Flying may be off the table as the air pressure could be damaging to your eyes.

Refrain from doing activities which can strain your eyes like gardening and doing household chores. Try to avoid dusty areas if possible. Don’t try to lift anything heavy or exercise until your doctor gives the OK.

The Little Things

Be sure that you know about all the little details that can impact your successful recovery from retina surgery.

  • How soon can I shower?
  • Do I need to take precautions?
  • Should I wear sunglasses indoors/outdoors and for how long?
  • Can I continue to take all my medications and supplements?

When To Contact Retina Specialists of Tampa

After surgery it is important to contact our practice if you have eye pain that is not relieved with pain medication, especially if it is accompanied by nausea.

If you have a yellow discharge, new or increased floaters and flashing lights, a sudden shade over your vision or worsening vision, contact us immediately.

Contact Retina Specialists of Tampa at (813) 973-3333 if you have additional questions about preparing for retina surgery recovery.

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