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When To Worry About Eye Floaters

Just another one of those pesky consequences of getting older, many people begin to see floaters in front of their vision. They are mostly just an annoyance, however there are certain situations when you would want to see Retina Specialists of Tampa about them. Keep reading to learn when you should worry about eye floaters.

Picture of the sky with floaters in vision

What Are Floaters?

As we age, the vitreous, or white gel substance in our eyes, begins to shrink and pull away from the retina. When this happens, it creates these small particles of solid vitreous. As they move around, they pass in front of your retina where you can see them, but they are mostly harmless.

They appear as squiggly lines, dots, or little spiders. Sometimes they seem to disappear, but they never go away. You either just notice them less or they are less conspicuous.

Younger People Can Get Floaters Too

We have already stated that getting older causes many of us to see floaters, but there are younger people who are at a higher risk for developing them.

  • If you are nearsighted, you may see them at an earlier age.
  • Football players, boxers, and others who are at risk for concussion
  • If you have experienced severe head trauma like in an auto accident

When To Be Concerned And Worry About Floaters

When you first notice them, (no matter your age) you should tell Retina Specialists of Tampa about them. More than likely, your doctor will simply confirm their existence and tell you not to be worried.

There are other times, you should see Retina Specialists of Tampa immediately.

Seeing a sudden excess of floaters in your vision, almost like a “shower” of them suggests something else may be happening.

If you see flashes along with your floaters, this is a sign your vitreous is pulling away from your retina. It could be caused by a retinal detachment or a retinal tear. See Retina Specialists of Tampa.

If you begin to notice you have lost your peripheral vision, and there is a dark spot in your vision, see Retina Specialists of Tampa.

Although eye floaters are 99% harmless, contact Retina Specialists of Tampa at (813) 973-3333 if you notice changes in the amount or the addition of flashes.

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