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Diabetic Macular Edema Treatment in Tampa, FL

The eye works like a camera. It has two parts: a lens and a film. The film layer lines the back wall of the eyes and is called the retina. It has arteries that provide its blood flow and veins that drain the blood. Diabetic changes are characterized by abnormally leaky blood vessels. This may allow fluid to accumulate in the retina and decrease the quality of vision (diabetic macular edema).

Patients who have this condition in an area of their retina not involving or threatening their central vision require no treatment. Those with swelling close to, but not involving their central vision may benefit from close observation, focal laser, or an intravitreal injection to decrease the risk of losing vision. Patients with swelling in their central vision benefit from an intravitreal injection to improve their vision and prevent further vision loss.

New onset visual loss may be a sign of increased swelling in the macula. Patients who experience a sudden onset of new floaters or decreased vision may be experiencing bleeding. Either of these complaints warrants seeing your eye doctor at Retina Care of Tampa prior to the next scheduled visit.

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Declining vision could be an indicator of diabetic macular edema, so don’t wait to see an ophthalmologist and get a proper diagnosis. For patients in the Tampa area, Retina Specialists of Tampa are here to help. Vitreoretinal surgeons Ahmad Tarabishy, M.D. and Evan Dunn, M.D. are both retina specialists with years of experience accurately diagnosing and effectively treating diabetic macular edema. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, or Lakeland. Give us a call at (813) 973-3333 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

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