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Macular Pucker Treatment in Tampa, FL

The eye can be thought of as a camera, with two main parts, a lens, and a film. The film layer is called the retina and lines the back wall of the eye. In addition, there is a gel called the vitreous that is located in front of the retina and is very firmly adherent to it. The area of the retina responsible for central vision is called the macula.

If you’ve been diagnosed with macular pucker, don’t wait to start treatment. For patients in the Tampa area, the team at Retina Specialists of Tampa is here to help. Retina specialist Ahmad Tarabishy, MD and retina specialist Evan Dunn, MD are committed to excellence in patient care, treating diabetic retinopathy at our retina care clinic in Tampa, FL. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, or Lakeland and get started with macular pucker treatment.

What Is Macular Pucker?

A macular pucker (epiretinal membrane) refers to a sheet of scar tissue located on the surface of the macula. This condition is common and does not affect the vision in most individuals. However, in some patients, the epiretinal membrane may exert strong enough tractional (pulling) forces on the retina that it causes a decrease in vision or distortion. Epiretinal membranes most commonly occur following the separation of the vitreous from the back wall of the eye (posterior vitreous detachment). A small percentage of patients acquire an epiretinal membrane due to prior episodes of inflammation, retinal tears, trauma, or retinal vascular diseases.

Macular Pucker Symptoms

Patients with no significant visual symptoms arising from an epiretinal membrane are typically monitored every six months. Epiretinal membranes may change slowly over time. Patients with visual symptoms as a result of an epiretinal membrane may be offered a safe and effective outpatient surgery called a vitrectomy. Most patients will experience a two-line or greater improvement in vision and reduction of distortion over a period of several months following surgery.

What is the Treatment for Macular Pucker?

If you suffer from a macular pucker, your vision may not get worse over time. It can sometimes remain stable, but it is vital to get regular eye exams which can be done at Retina Specialists of Tampa. 

Our doctors would recommend the appropriate treatment to help protect your vision and eyes.

Some suggestions for treatment may include:

  • Updating your eyeglass prescription
  • Wearing bifocals to help improve vision
  • For more severe symptoms, a surgery called vitrectomy is recommended.

What is a Vitrectomy?

A vitrectomy is usually performed as an outpatient procedure in an operating room. During surgery, your ophthalmologist uses microsurgery instruments to remove the wrinkled tissue on your macula and to remove the vitreous gel that may be pulling on the macula. Sometimes an air or gas bubble is placed in the eye to help the retina heal or to seal any tears or holes. After this surgery, it may take a few months for your vision to improve but in most cases, the visual distortion of macular pucker is significantly reduced.

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It is important to stay up with routine monitoring of macular puckers by a trained opthamologist. For patients in the Tampa area, Retina Specialists of Tampa are here to help. Our opthamologists and vitreoretinal surgeons have extensive experience diagnosing and treating macular puckers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, or Lakeland.

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